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Flash Presentations/Flash Animation/
Action Script Programming

Breur Media created this Flash animated game for Lighthouse Marketing LLC Lighthouse Marketing LLC (Tampa marketing firm) 2006 holiday greetings game.
Breur Media Investment Charting Tool Breur Media Investment Charting Tool (custom-built line charting tool using ActionScript)
Sun Diver Animation Study "Sun Diver" Animation Study
GoSolo ROI Calculator GoSolo ROI Calculator. Draft version of the GoSolo ROI Calculator. Includes functional line charts and pie chart (pie chart data not connected to chart results in this draft). All chart programming done within Flash and without Flash Generator or 3rd party tools. (Art Direction, Coding, and Implementation by Arthur Breur.)
GoSolo find me settings tutorial GoSolo "Find Me" Settings Tutorial. Art Direction by Aliza Bennett, Implementation by Joel Gaspard. This Flash tutorial walks a user through changing their "find me" settings in the GoSolo unified messaging service.
Follow Glow Cursor Effect: "Follow Glow"
Line Drawing Effect Line Drawing Effect
Breur Media Hexidecimal/Binary Numeric Converter Breur Media Hexidecimal/Binary Numeric Converter (created in Flash using NO math functions!)
Breur Media Music Player Breur Media Music Player
Gravity Free Game Gravity Free Game